What is anatomical cutting technique?

It is a diving suit with cutting technology that aims to “reproduce the skin” and a cutting-edge design that pursues functional beauty by our exclusive designers.

Anatomical Cutting Technology


A higher grade of “ease of movement” “warmth” and “durability”

The skin that covers the surface of the body is not a single piece of skin.
The skin, which is divided into sections according to the body’s movements and the resulting expansion and contraction, is connected to each other with a moderate amount of space to protect the body. This is why we do not feel constrained by the skin that covers our entire body.
MOBBY’S has developed a panel design method based on the characteristics of human skin, the structure of joints, and the movement of muscles by approaching the knowledge of anatomy.

Neutral position

Neutral position reduces stress by 89%

People are most relieved from stress when they are leaning forward, the neutral position maintained by a fetus. Suits made with A.C.T. reduce stress by 61% to 89% compared to conventional suits for the movements expected in diving.


New technology made possible by experienced craftsmen

The design and cutting of the panels using the Anatomical Cutting Technology “A.C.T.” is different from conventional ideas. This is made possible by the experienced craftsmanship of MOBBY’S, which has provided 700,000 suits to divers in the 58 years since its establishment.