Four secrets



Supports ease of movement 4 secrets

With anatomy-based cutting technology Japan’s No. 1 brand that balances style.
It is a diving suit with advanced design that pursues functional beauty by a dedicated designer and cutting technology aiming at “reproduction of skin” by utilizing the knowledge of anatomy.

01Comfortable to wear

Anatomical cutting technique A.C.T.

The skin that covers the surface of the body is not a single piece of skin. The skin, which is divided into parts according to the movement of the body and the accompanying expansion and contraction, is joined together with an appropriate amount of space to protect the body. That is why we do not feel cramped on the skin that covers our entire body.
MOBBY’S approached the knowledge of anatomy and developed a panel design method based on the characteristics of human skin, joint structure, and muscle movement.


Use aged Neoprene material

Fresh neoprene foam shrinks considerably and needs to be aged for several months. When aged, it shrinks by about 10%, reducing shrinkage when making a suit.
You can make a suit that fits your body well by using a material that does not shrink due to aged sufficiently.
In addition, the optimum aging period varies depending on the materials. If not properly managed, problems such as bloom white wax components on the      surface and hardening of the Neoprene will occur.  
If the Neoprene sheet is not aged, it will be necessary to make a suit that is about 10 cm larger, resulting in a poor fit.

Double check your measurement value

All the measured values ​​received from customers are checked by the MDK design staff to confirm the balance.
If there are any unbalanced parts such as too long or too short for the human body, please ask the shop to re-dimension.
It takes a lot of experience to be able to detect imbalances from the numbers.

03Ease of movement

Dedicated backing material Air Nap (NP)

Because it uses polyester that drains well, it dries quickly even when it gets wet and is easy to clean.
In addition, there is less discomfort when wearing the second one, and it is easy to put on and take off.

Selected the best material depending on the various purposes

Uncompressive Neoprene material is generally hard, but in order not to impair of flexibility and comfort, we avoid hard surface materials on moving parts and put a high-stretch jersey on it to keep the balance.
In response to the need for a softer suit, we have developed and adopted new composition rubber “LITE” which is uncompressive. It is a little inferior to rubber that is hard type, but it has been confirmed in a field test * that it does not affect diving.

*Drysuits made from the new materials are tested more than 100 dives underwater.

04Safe and secure

Dry suit
Two valves for air conditioning

Safe design that does not leak water even with a sudden squeeze.
Since the suit’s internal pressure water depth of 30 m or more ensures squeeze resistance, water leakage from the valve is prevented even with excessive squeeze.
Safety design that ensures a large exhaust flow rate Even if the Palm Fit inlet valve breaks down and the air supply status cannot be restored, the suit will not continue to inflate.
Measurement result of the increase value of the suit internal pressure when continuing to inhale the flow rate of 100 liters fully open
Exhaust auto mode: 0 5 kPa or less
Strong lock mode: 4 kPa or less
Reliable design that is harder to come off than conventional products. A special trapezoidal screw is used to attach the valve to the suit.
Achieves a stable fixation to the suit. This exhaust valve is designed according to CE standard BS EN 14225 2 2005.

With good quality standards and practical tests Achieves high durability

When using new materials, we perform rigorous material tests. Carefully check whether there are any problems with durability due to fastness, outdoor exposure, etc., and compatibility with marks and adhesives.
In addition, the practical test in diving is based on 100 pieces.