Brand concept



Diving = Journey to another world

Many divers are aware that the attraction of diving is a walk into “another world” and “another dimension” of underwater.

Diving is a “psychostimulant”.
The body cools down in the water, the blood concentrates on the brain for self-protection and arousal occurs.

It’s truly Trip to Galaxy.

When I was a 20-year-old student in 1970, I was invited by Dr. Gordon Williamson, a marine biologist who had come from England to study whales in Ishinomaki City, where there was a whaling base, to go on a week-long undersea research voyage.

At that time, we met about 8 meter sperm whale, about 2-3 meter blue shark, and a large sea turtle. We also saw about 2 meter long giant squid that the sperm whale had spat out of its mouth. This experience gave me an overwhelming sense of the greatness of nature.

Regardless of the size of the underwater life, diving has the appeal of freeing us from our daily lives by floating in the microcosm of the ocean. I wanted to help people feel the charm of the ocean, and I wondered what I could do to help, so I decided to make wetsuits.

This is the wish of MOBBY’S. “We want to make the ocean around the world fun and safe.”

MOBBY’S HeritageAbout the history

Founded in 1963 as the first scuba diving specialty store in Tohoku region.

It began by selling diving equipment and teaching diving techniques, as well as making wetsuits for local skin diving fishermen. Our company was incorporated in 1975 and is now a well-established manufacturer of domestic wetsuits for various marine sports, including scuba diving, surfing, personal water craft, and yachting.

Our unique Anatomical Cutting Technology (A.C.T.) has evolved the wetsuit with a comfortable fit and fashionable design, providing both fit and athletic performance. Our sales channels are not limited to Japan, but we have developed overseas sales channels, such as participating in our first overseas exhibition in 1989, and we are currently exporting our products mainly to Europe, where they are highly evaluated.

Our company is also involved in many wetsuits used by Japan Coast Guard, Self-Defense Forces, firefighters, and police. Our know-how cultivated over the years and our unique manufacturing methods have earned us a reputation for high quality.

For example, we have developed a rescue suit worn by Japan Coast Guard’s special rescue team, a “hot water suit” that can be heated in the deep sea, a “chemical-resistant dry suit for diving in polluted waters and a “helicopter rescue suit” made of breathable and waterproof materials.

In addition, immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake, many of our dry suits were used for rescue and search in the cold sea.

We also produce many brands of wetsuits for the general public,and products of popular brands such as MOBBY’S and O’NEILL can be purchased at mass merchandisers, pro stores, and through the Internet.