[MOBBY ’S] Notice of change to new symbol mark / logo mark

Thank you for using MOBBY ’S products.
At MOBBY’S, we have re-defined our brand statement (the promise we make with our customers that we want to cherish above all else) as “creating value that will make our hearts move.”The symbol mark / logo mark has also evolved into a design suitable for the times.

Current symbol mark / logo mark

New (April 2022 ~) Symbol mark / Logo mark

Symbol mark that incorporates the vision of MOBBY ’S
Elegance, strength, trust, authenticity, humanity and softness are the central concepts of this symbol.The shape of the entire symbol is MOBBY’S’s technical capabilities and expertise in development, design, and production.And intentionally balanced to impress with a passionate work style.The color used is dark blue, which is reminiscent of the deep sea, which is also the root of MOBBY ’S.By using a mixture of yellow and black, you can create a sophisticated image. The logotype complements the symbol mark as a supporting characterAs a supporting role to complement the symbol mark, I used a geometric and universal typeface that suppresses assertions.With its thickness, it expresses trust, security, and individuality as a reliable companion, and by adding an accent to the apostrophe, it becomes the MOBBY’S original logo mark.

Designer Daisuke Endou

After graduating from the School of Visual Arts in NY in 1999, he started his career at Pentagram Design.He has received numerous awards such as the NY Art Directors Club Award, the NY Type Directors Club Award, and the AIGA365 Award.Currently teaching at the Pratt Institute in NY. Over the 60 years since its founding, MOBBY ’S will become a good understanding and collaborator for divers.We look forward to your continued patronage.

* In preparation for the switch in April 2022, we will gradually switch to the new symbol mark / logo mark depending on the status of product inventory.Please note that the old and new marks may be mixed during that time.

* Please be assured that the products sold at MOBBY’S authorized dealers are genuine, both the current symbol mark / logo mark and the new symbol mark / logo mark.

* The 2022 MOBBY ’S catalog lineup scheduled to be released in March 2022 will be developed with a new symbol mark / logo mark.